Terms & Conditions

General Conditions:

As the offer to buy products sold by WWW.OSSOV.LV is made through the internet, this contract is considered as a Distance Contract, which complies with the clause 10 of Laws of the Republic of Latvia about „Consumer Rights Protection”. All prices stated on the website WWW.OSSOV.LV include VAT of 21% and are considered as current offer. Delivery of the product is not included in the price listed on our website. Clients can choose to either use a bank transfer to pay for the chosen product and its delivery or pay in cash to the driver when delivery is realized. Paying by credit/debit card is not possible. When making an order, clients are offered three different options of receiving their orders: It is possible to pay the order and delivery either in full or make a 30% prepayment using a bank transfer. In case you chose to make a 30% prepayment, you are offered to either pay the outstanding amount in cash when receiving your order or by bank transfer before the receipt of your order. At the moment we do not offer the possibility to pay by credit card. When placing your order, we suggest to choose one of the following methods of delivery:

1. Free of charge - collecting from OSSOV store, Purvciems, Dzelzvas street 51, Riga (This option does not include loading service).

2. Our courier delivers your order at an indicated address within the limits of Riga.

3. Delivery across Latvia carried out by Express Pasts. Apart from these options, we also offer delivery abroad, subject to query. Regardless the option, the time of delivery is agreed in the process of sale. Before starting to use the products purchased, we strongly advise you to carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions and use the product as indicated.

The warranty is valid only if the client informs OSSOV SIA of the problem immediately. The company offers a 2 years warranty since the product is purchased. Moreover, it is only valid if the product has been used as indicated by the manufacturer’s instructions. In case the warranty should be used, only damaged or parts with defect will be fixed or replaced. The product can be replaced with a new one only if the entire product design has been recognized as a defect and is not suitable for further use. The warranty does not cover collateral damage and losses. The quantity and conformity of the product to the order made is checked in the presence of OSSOV SIA’s representative and the client, or his/her representative, when delivery of the product is realized. Claims related to the conformity, quality or quantity of the product received (such as model, size, defects, damage, etc.) are accepted within three from receipt of the product by the client or his/her representative. At the time of receipt of the goods clients must verify the conformity of the goods ordered. 

Right to Refuse:

The procedure for the procurement of individuals on the website WWW.OSSOV.LV is established by the Rule 207 of Rules of the Cabinet of Ministers on Distance contracts. The buyer may use the right of withdrawal and unilaterally withdraw from the contract (purchase of goods in the webshop). It can be done within 14 calendar days from the date of delivery of the relevant goods. By using the purchased goods the buyer confirms that the goods correspond to the ordered goods and cannot be returned any more (for health and hygiene reasons - opened packaging of such goods, which for reasons of health and hygiene is not possible to return, KM 255, paragraph 22). Therefore, in order to avoid any problems, at the time of receipt clients must ensure that the goods comply with the order (model, color, size, and other important parameters). Moreover, it is forbidden to damage the original packaging and equipment. To exercise the right of refusal, the goods must be delivered to the address "Velgas", Marupes parish, Marupes county, LV-2167. In addition to the foregoing, Buyer shall provide the Seller with a completed and signed form of refusal. The product/s must be returned to the Seller within 7 days from sending off the refusal form. According to KM 255, paragraph 22, the Buyer cannot use the right of refusal if the product ordered was made by the indications of the Buyer (for example personalized order, personalized size, nonstandard fabrics category chosen, modified model, etc.).

*Mattresses and mattress covers order on WWW.OSSOV.LV are made individually for each order.