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"Royal comfort" – the mattress absolutely deserves its name due to special comfort, relaxing effect and exclusively proper support.

Core latex block has sides of different firmness what ensures the most proper and correct support and absolute comfort irrespective of position. Due to firmness and durability of the core block the mattress is an optimal choice for a couple with different weight categories.

The firmer side consists of dense coconut slab covered with relief Convoluted series latex. With such combination the mattress has delicate firmness because latex decreases return pressure what ensures good blood circulation and relieves pressure off the muscles. Besides, the special surface of latex has a slight massage effect and contributes to muscles relaxation and better sleep.

  • Sheep wool 
  • Convoluted latex layer (massage layer)
  • Coconut slab 30 mm
  • Monolith block of multizone latex Royal 200 mm
  • Cotton

In this model of mattresses the cover is made of fabric of "De luxe" category (№3). Height 28 cm.

Working load limit for one sleeping accomodation - up to170 kg

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