Comfort Balance. For a single bed.


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22 cm thick medium firm natural latex mattress "Comfort Balance". A great example of perfect support and comfort. The successful proportion of layers of mattress filling creates a balanced support system for healthy sleep. Enjoy the two slightly different sides of a double-sided mattress! The Bial zoned latex block provides orthopedic support and anatomically adaptive comfort. The firmer side of "Comfort Balance" stands out with a particularly pleasant top layer, which is able to fill the curves of the body while at the same time providing strong support. For body tone training, use the opportunity to periodically change the softer and firmer sides! Thanks to the high-quality and natural filling, the mattress is perfectly ventilated, does not heat up, does not accumulate condensation, does not become electrified and does not attract dust, thus does not create an environment for the creation of colonies of dust mites and fungi.

Наполнение матраса по слоям:

- Wool

- Softlex Latex layer 50 mm

- Coir layer of coconut fiber 30 mm

- Three-zone latex block Bial 140 mm

- Cotton

Height 22 cm.

Maximum permissible load for 1 sleeping place - up to 150 kg

Completing the mattress  order, it is possible to choose the design and functionality of the mattress  cover ,  as well as choose the fabric for the cover. Feel free to write in the comments if you don't find the parameters you need in the options.

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