( 3 cm ) - Copper Therapy. For a single bed.


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Attention! The price of the mattress cover is already indicated with a 20% discount, the prices of additional options are indicated with a 30% discount!

Cooper Therapy - an innovative solution in the OSSOV collection with 3 cm thick 3D Labyrinth fillings. Labyrinth is a revolutionary new mattress filling material. The unique properties of the material, which cannot be provided by any other filling material used today, offer comfort, excellent ventilation and are fully recyclable.

Thanks to the 3D multithread structure, moisture will be quickly removed thanks to the intensive air circulation. The sprung thread weave structure provides a flexible and spreasure-absorbing adaptation to body contours, while at the same time creating a pontoon-like supporting and leveling system that can improve the sleeping environment even on a very soft non-supportive mattress. "Cooper Therapy" will perfectly serve as a supportive and ventilated comfort top layer on any mattress or sofa. Ideal for use in summer, as it basically gives you the opportunity to sleep on an air cloud, where the air can circulate freely and prevent heat from accumulating in your bed.

3D Labyrinth is a washable, hypoallergenic mattress  filling that will provide supportive comfort. A great alternative for those who are allergic to latex foam, dust mites or polyurethane intolerance. 3D Labyrinth is a 100% environmentally and human safe non-toxic product. After use, the filling can be completely recovered, recycled and remanufactured in its original form and quality.

Also suitable for use in holiday homes with irregular heating and high humidity, as well as in extreme conditions such as boats and yachts. The 3D Labyrinth provides intensive air circulation in all humidity conditions, even after heavy soaking. The filling is resistant to bacteria and mold.

If necessary, the 3D Labyrinth filling can be washed with an intense jet of water. After washing, let the water drain and leave the filling to dry completely under natural conditions.

The included fabric "Coopertech" with copper provides a strong antibacterial effect. The fabric has strong antistatic properties that do not attract dust and help keep your sleeping area as fresh and clean as possible.

The most important features of 3D Labyrinth:

- Breathable

- Highest level of air permeability

- Moisture resistant

- Quick drying

- Mold resistant

- Also suitable for outdoor use

- Comfortable

- Flexible

- Adaptive

- Suitable for intensive use

- Hypoallergenic

- Washable

- Rollable

Mattress composition:

- Layer 3D-labyrinth 3 cm.

- The price includes fabric 6 group "Coopertech" with high antibacterial properties, or any other fabric from group 6.

Instructions for use

• Suitable for rolling

• Do not break or squeeze the mattress topper in folds!

• After removing the cover, the 3D Labyrinth filling can be washed with a jet of water. After washing, leave the filling to dry naturally.

• For washing the cover, choose the "Delicate" washing mode! Do not exceed 30°C washing water temperature!

• Do not use an automatic dryer, let the cover dry naturally!

• Do not use laundry detergents containing bleaches for washing!

When completing the mattress topper order, it is possible to choose the design and functionality of the mattress topper cover (cover), add fastening rubbers, as well as choose the fabric for the cover. Feel free to write freely in the comments if you don't find the parameters you need in the options.

 The completed order will reach us and we will contact you shortly to fix the order and agree on payment and delivery!

To try the mattress and make sure it is suitable for your needs, we invite you to visit one of our OSSOV stores in Riga. You will find us at Dzelzavas 51 or Jaunmoku 13 (T/C Spice Home, 2nd floor)!

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