( 7 cm ) - GRACE. For a sigle bed.


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7 cm thick soft top mattress "Grace" for especially sensual comfort. Thanks to the unique fillings, provides fantastic comfort, relieves tension, relaxes and gently supports. The thickness of the mattress topper allows you to experience a pleasant sinking and adaptation to the contours of the body even on a very firm base mattress. The upper layer of natural Latex with a wavy massage surface takes care of stimulating blood circulation and performs a pleasant relaxing body massage. The mattress topper is also endowed with thermoregulating properties. Ocean Blue's natural latex foam, in the process of technological production, is enriched with gel capsules capable of ensuring perfect thermoregulation, significantly slowing down heating. Thanks to the gel capsule technology, the latex acquires an even more flexible structure that does not accumulate heat and moisture, with an increased ability of the material to restore itself to its original state. The Clima perforation ensures maximum airflow circulation and creates a down-soft structure that allows the body to sink pleasantly without losing soft support.

The top mattress "Grace" will perfectly complement any basic mattress! "Grace" will help relieve pain in pressure points and relax muscle tension, allowing you to sleep well and wake up refreshed! The thickness of the top mattress allows the curves of the body to sink to the depth required for comfort, gently supporting the body in any sleeping position, and also forms a thick buffer zone of the top layer and helps protect the base mattress from rapid mechanical shocks during operation, while providing high comfort and relaxing relaxation. Ecologically safe for long service life!

The mattress topper is rollable, so it is easy to transport and convenient to use.

For the model, the price includes a cover fabric from the group of exclusive fabrics. You can get acquainted with the characteristics of the cover fabrics here - Get to know the fabrics of group 6. Indicate in the comments if you want a combined cover made of two different fabrics!

Mattress filling  layers:

- Convoluted White Latex layer 30mm

- Ocean Blue Clima Latex layer 40mm

Height 7 cm.

Completing the mattress topper order, it is possible to choose the design and functionality of the mattress topper cover (cover), add fastening rubbers, as well as choose the fabric for the cover. Feel free to write in the comments if you don't find the parameters you need in the options.

 The completed order will reach us and we will contact you shortly to fix the order and agree on payment and delivery!

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