Comfort Modular White. For a single bed.


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Comfortable 24 cm thick mattress based on a natural latex block with excellent orthopedic and ergonomic properties. The system of air circulation channels and the unique structure of latex ensure continuous air exchange in the mattress and, thanks to the antistatic properties of latex, ensure the maintenance of a clean and safe environment in which dust mites and mold fungi colonies do not develop in the mattress for many years of covering.

The "Comfort Modular White" adaptive seven-zone block provides particularly gentle and precise support for the entire body. Thoughtful zoning allows you to precisely support the body silhouette, taking into account the individual curves of each body. The model in the shoulder area is less resistant to shoulder sinking, it allows the shoulder to sink to the required depth, removes pressure, relieves pain, prevents tingling. The zoning of the middle part of the model is denser, which provides pressure-free support for the natural curvature of the spine. After a hard day's work, the mattress will instantly relieve muscle tension, relax tired joints, promote lymph and blood circulation in the body, as well as calm the tense nervous system and enter the world of sweet sleep!

When you buy this model, you will get a mattress with two sides of firmness. One side offers a great relaxing sleep on the adaptive 5-zone latex block, the other side provides perceptibly firm support thanks to the 3 cm thick coir coir interlayer, covered with an embossed Wavy latex massage layer.

Mattress components:

- Sheep wool

- Wavy latex layer (massage layer) 30 mm

- Coconut fiber layer 30 mm

-  5-zone latex block Modular  18 cm

- Pressed cotton

The price includes an optional group 3 fabric.

Permissible load for 1 bed - up to 150 kg

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