Sizal Active 5-Zoned. For a single bed.


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For fans of firm mattresses - Sizal Active 5-Zoned - firm model based on independent Pocket 5 zoned springs. The model is rigid on both sides with small nuanced differences. On one side, the mattress has a 2 cm thick layer of coconut fiber, the other side is extremely firm with a 3 cm thick layer of sisal fiber.

Under the preasure of weight, the mattress adapts to the weight of the body, allowing the heaviest parts of the body to sink slightly, allowing the spine to align, maintaining the feeling of a firm and supportive surface. The sensitive independent 5-zone springs respond responsively to pressure, which allows the mattress to precisely adapt to the silhouette of the body, reducing discomfort caused by pressure, while maintaining the feeling of a firm and supportive surface. The mattress has excellent self-ventilation and thermoregulation properties. All mattress cards are made of high-quality natural filling, which creates a pleasant biofield, does not accumulate static electricity, repels moisture and dust. The model is resistant to the development of mold, with high self-ventilation and thermoregulation ability. Intended for people weighing up to 90 kg.

To increase comfort and reduce pressure, use one of our comforters as needed

Mattress filling  layers:

- Sheep wool;

- Sisal fiber coir 30 mm;

- Pocket 5-zoned

- Coir of coconut fiber 20 mm;

- Cotton

Height 22cm.

Maximum permissible load for 1 sleeping place - up to 90 kg

Completing the mattress  order, it is possible to choose the design and functionality of the mattress  cover ,  as well as choose the fabric for the cover. Feel free to write in the comments if you don't find the parameters you need in the options.

 The completed order will reach us and we will contact you shortly to fix the order and agree on payment and delivery!

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