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Quilted fabric top mattress "OliveOil " with fastening rubbers in the corners will not only protect the base mattress, but also provide pleasant comfort and improve the quality of sleep!


The mattress topper is made of special Clima fabric. ClimaNature provides two-way climate control in your sleeping area. The heat regulation function of Clima Natura is related to the heat-sensitive materials embedded in the fabric fibers. These materials are called phase change materials (PCM). Thanks to this technology, the fabric "creates" coolness by recycling the heat from the environment, turning it into a liquid, and when the environment is heated, the fabric gives back the accumulated coolness. Therefore, ClimaNature will provide a smart solution for improving your well-being, according to the weather and will help you maintain an ideal body temperature during sleep. Climate control is not the only excellent function of the mattress topper, the fabric also has excellent antistatic and antibacterial properties, and the fabric is unusually soft to the touch and its presence provides true sensual pleasure throughout the night!

By choosing ClimaNatura fabric for your mattress cover, you benefit from:

- intelligent thermoregulation;

- comfortable sleep in hot weather;

- warming properties in cool weather;

- antistatic properties, drains static electricity from the body;

- antibacterial properties;

- excellent sleep comfort;

- retention of properties even after washing the fabric.

Fabric mattress topper care instructions

• Choose the "Delicate" washing mode! Do not exceed 30°C washing water temperature!

• Do not use an automatic dryer, let the mattress topper dry naturally!

• Do not use laundry detergents containing bleaches for washing!

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