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Quilted fabric top mattress "Organic Cotton " with fastening rubbers in the corners will not only protect the base mattress, but also provide pleasant comfort and improve the quality of sleep!


Organic cotton is an analogue of conventional cotton grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, chemical fertilizers or other chemicals. The fabric used in this mattress topper contains organic cotton fibers, which allows you to enjoy the excellent properties of cotton fibers in an environmentally friendly and ecologically clean product. Only organically grown cotton is used in the production of OrganicCotton fabric. In the production of cotton fibers, all conditions of environmental protection are used - soil protection, does not pollute water, safe and clean raw materials. OrganicCotton fabrics do not contain any chemicals that may be harmful to health or the environment. Thanks to the rich quilting filling, the fabric top mattress "WOOL" will also provide a little extra comfort, especially if you sleep on a very hard sofa or mattress every day.

Fabric mattress topper "Organic Cotton "

- Naturally warm microclimate in the sleeping area;

- absorbs moisture well, thanks to its hygroscopic properties;

- ensures skin breathing;

- cools in hot weather and warms in cool weather;

- suitable for allergic people, people with sensitive skin and children;

- pleasant cool touch;

- obtained from ecologically pure raw material that has not been treated with pesticides and insecticides.

Fabric mattress topper care instructions

• Choose the "Delicate" washing mode! Do not exceed 30°C washing water temperature!

• Do not use an automatic dryer, let the mattress topper dry naturally!

• Do not use laundry detergents containing bleaches for washing!

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