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7.5 cm double-sided mattress topper made from a special combination of latex coconut coir and perforated latex layer. The structure of coconut fiber in this model is different from the usual one. The porous structure and latex fiber give airiness and increased flexibility to the mattress topper. In combination with an airy Perfo White latex layer, the mattress topper provides anatomically pleasing and durable support. Mattress pad "Levitation" will significantly smooth and strengthen the surface of the main mattress or sofa, as well as distribute body weight and perform a supporting  function. Turning the mattress pad one side or the other up, you get two different sensations of rigidity. Suitable for those who want a medium firm mattress pad with a pleasant ergonomic surface with minimal pressure on the body. "Levitation" will be great as an addition to your main mattress, and as an independent low mattress.

The composition of the mattress cover:

- Wool
- Perforated latex layer 30 mm
- Latex coke fiber 40 mm
- Cotton
- The price includes a cover made of fabric of the 1st group.

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