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Exclusive LUX class mattress of medium firmness "Moon Relax Therapy" stands out for its excellent flexibility, density and comfort. The special Gray Line latex with graphene is not only a fireproof material, but also effectively protects the sleeping area from bacteria and fungi. Thanks to graphene, the material has excellent reducing and absorbing properties of harmful substances and odors. The presence of graphene also gives latex a higher density, flexibility and strength.

The Moon Relax Therapy mattress has excellent orthopedic properties and a particularly pleasant density and springiness. The surface of the mattress is covered on both sides by the special embossed massage layer, which promotes blood circulation, pleasant relaxation and complete relaxation.

The mattress offers two firmness options that you can use as needed. You will feel safe support on both sides of the mattress. On the softer side, you will experience higher anatomical comfort, without losing the feeling of secure support, while the firm side will give you the opportunity, if necessary, to relax on a firm, flexible surface that provides sufficient ergonomic support. For body tone training, use the opportunity to alternate between the soft and hard side periodically!

By default, the mattress cover is made of a special fabric "Carbon", which stands out with strong antistatic and antibacterial properties.

List of mattress layers

- Sheep wool

- Convoluted Gray latex layer 30 mm

- Gray Line Perfo Latesa layer 30 mm

- Independent Multipocket springs

- Coconut fibers & horsehair coir 30 mm

- Convoluted Gray latex layer 30 mm

- A layer of pressed linen

The price includes the cover fabric "Carbon" or any other fabric from the 3rd group of your choice.

You can also choose other cover fabrics from our collection

Height 27 cm.

The maximum permissible load for 1 sleeping place - up to 140 kg

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