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The right choice for those who care about themselves and the environment!

Luxurious, soft LUX class mattress "Mayan Green Vitality" fulfills the dream of a fantastic night's sleep in a soft cloud! Everyone who wants to feel safe support without significant pressure on the body will like it. Relaxing on "Mayan Green Vitality" feels like you are completely handing your comb over to the caring and soft hands of natural latex foam. The multi-zone block supports all body curves with excellent precision without pressure or discomfort, keeping it in the right position throughout the night.

At its core, Mayen Green Vitality is Mayen Green's 100% natural latex multi-zoned block. The Mayen Green latex block is made of 100% latex and uses sustainable forest management techniques. The product has been certified by and meets the strictest social and environmental requirements of FSC member (FSC-C135311). The block has high performance characteristics. It will last even more than 25 years! Has fantastic flexibility and resistance to deformations, as well as fantastic air circulation capabilities.

Enjoy the soft touch of the Hevea sap foam on the softer side of the mattress and let yourself be supported a little harder when you turn the mattress to the other side, enjoying the perfect combination of coconut fiber & horsetail layer and Ocean Blue Clima latex that gives you a fabulous feeling. The second side of the mattress will become a valuable find in the hot months of the year, because Ocaen Blue Clima latex has thermoregulating properties.

The price of the mattress includes, on condition, the exclusive fabric cover "Proactive", which helps to maintain freshness and cleanliness.

List of mattress layers:

- Wool

- Mayan Green Multizone Latex Block 180mm

- Coconut fibers & horsehair coir 30mm

- Ocean Blue Clima latex layer 40mm

- Cotton

- Cover in special fabric "Proactive"

Height 25 cm

The price includes the cover fabric "Proactive" or any other fabric from the 5th group of your choice.

You can also choose other cover fabrics from our collection here

Height 27 cm.

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