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The unique 7 cm thick mattress topper provides pleasantly firm and ergonomic support. Thanks to the high-quality and flexible materials, the mattress, if necessary, can be rolled up, as well as used in functional beds both as a base mattress and as a top mattress.

The mattress topper consists of three layers - in the middle is 3D Labirynth - a firm, durable, flexible material that, like micro-springs, cushions the weight of the body, distributes the load pointwise, and creates the feeling of a springy but firm surface. In addition to the above, the material, thanks to its 3D multithreaded structure, ensures intensive air circulation and moisture removal, improving the ventilation and thermoregulation capabilities of the mattress many times over. A 2 cm thick natural latex layer on top of the softer side creates an anatomically pleasant ergonomic surface. The 2 cm thick special Wave layer of coconut fiber on the firm side of the mattress provides exceptionally firm support. The interaction of all three layers, despite the small height of the mattress, creates a springy, supportive and ergonomic surface and will suit people who prefer to sleep feeling firm support. When using the mattress topper on a flat (steady) surface, you can safely change sides and rest on both the firm and the slightly softer side. If you use this model on a functional bed (possibility to raise the headboard and/or footboard), make sure that the coconut fiber layer is down.
The specified price of the "Smart" model includes the base fabric of group 1. We also offer to choose one of the smart fabrics, which will further highlight and strengthen the model's ventilation and thermoregulation properties. You can get acquainted with mattress cover fabrics here

Mattress composition:

- Wool
- Latex layer 20 mm
- 3D Labyrinth layer 30 mm
- Coconut fiber coir "Wave"
- Cotton
- The price includes a cover from the 1st group fabric

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