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11 cm thick fantastically comfortable ergonomic mattress for children "Hybrid. Kids." Stands out with high self-ventilation and thermo-regulation capabilities and is suitable for allergic children. Thanks to the combination of latex layers and the innovative 3D Labyrinth mattress filling, the mattress has excellent orthopedic and ergonomic properties. On one side, a 4cm thick layer of Q-gel Latex with copper particles protects against the spread of bacteria, fungi and viruses. 4 cm Ocean Blue Clima latex layer on the other side will protect against overheating and provide excellent ventilation. Between the two layers, 3D Labyrinth, which provides additional ventilation, cooling and fulfills the function of a mini spring, ensuring body cushioning and correct weight distribution. Only 11 cm thick, the mattress provides excellent orthopedic support and fabulous anatomic comfort, helps you relax, fill up and enjoy a deep and sweet sleep.

By default, the price includes a "Silver" fabric cover, which has strong antibacterial and antistatic properties. When ordering, there is also the possibility to choose any other of the fantastic fabrics from the 4th group, without changing the final price.

List of mattress layers

- Q-gel latex layer 40mm 

- 3D Labyrinth layer 30mm

- Ocean blue clima latex layer 40mm

- The price includes a mattress cover from group 4 fabric

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