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11 cm thick mattress for children with filling of layers of natural materials. Pleasant ergonomic softness, body weight cushioning combined with safe back support. The combination of coconut fiber and horsehair provides the stiffness and flexibility needed to support the spine. The 4 cm thick layer of latex takes care of the anatomic comfort and the filling and support of the body curve along the entire height.

The mattress is suitable for use on both sides, offering two firmness options. For body tone training, use the opportunity to alternate between the soft and hard side periodically!

Thanks to the high-quality and natural components, the mattress is perfectly ventilated, provides optimal thermoregulation, does not become electrified and does not attract dust and moisture, thus does not create an environment for the creation of dust mites and fungal colonies. The copper particles added to Q-GelLatex further enhance the natural latex's ability to resist the formation of bacterial and mold colonies in the mattress.

The combination of natural materials provides a pleasant bio-field and provides a full-fledged sleep and relaxation of the body, which are unequivocally important in today's industrially dynamic environment. Perfect for children and teenagers in the process of body growth and formation.

List of mattress layers

- Linen 700g.

- Sisal fiber 30mm

- Horsehair & coconut fiber coir 30mm

- Q-gel Latex Perfo layer 40mm

- Wool

The price includes a mattress cover made of group 3 fabric

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