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5 cm thick top mattress from specially made coconut fiber coir "Soft". The structure of the Coco Soft coir is not as dense as a traditional coir board, thus providing a different kind of support. The top mattress "Coco Soft" will be an excellent solution for those who want to smooth out the existing sleeping surface and make its surface denser and more supportive, but, unlike the traditional cosa fiber plate, the surface will not be so rigid and hard. According to feelings, "Coco Soft" will be in the middle between a Latex mattress topper and a coconut fiber mattress topper in terms of softness. The surface of "Coco Soft" is covered on one side by a layer of wool, and on the other by a layer of pressed cotton for comfortable seasonal use. In winter, the woolen side will help keep you warm, in summer - on the contrary - it will keep you cool.

Mattress composition:

- Wool

- Coconut fiber coir "Soft" 40 mm

- Pressed cotton

- The price includes Group 1 case fabric

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