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Relax Multi Spring Lux class mattress based on the independent Multipocket spring block. Thanks to the small diameter and high density of the independent springs, the mattress provides very high point orthopedic support, literally merging with the sleeper's body, allowing the heaviest parts of the body - shoulders and back - to sink in, thus keeping the spine anatomically correctly straight, preventing it from bending incorrectly to one side or the other. Without losing orthopedic support, the mattress offers two different sides of sensations. The Softlex latex layer on the softest side provides gentle relaxation. The combination of sisal fiber and Q-gel latex on the other side, on the other hand, provides pleasantly firm support. The structure of the mattress ensures a healthy sleep, allowing our tissues and muscles to relax, while at the same time constantly ensuring the correct alignment of the spine and weight distribution. Comfort, relaxation and freshness, peace and health.

Mattress composition:

- Sheep wool

- Softlex latex layer 50 mm

- Independent Multipocket springs

- Sisal fiber layer 30 mm

- Q-gel latex layer 20 mm (comfort layer)

- Pressed cotton

Price includes 3, group fabric

Height 25 cm.

Maximum permissible weight per seat - 140 kg

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