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Soft 19 cm thick mattress based on the independent Pocket spring block with two different firmness sides. Thanks to the elastic latex on the soft side of the mattress, it comfortably supports the body, does not create pressure and promotes good blood circulation and full rest. The firm side of the mattress gives you the opportunity to enjoy firmer support. The block of independent springs creates orthopedic support, keeping the spine in the correct position, regardless of the position of the sleeper and the chosen side of the mattress.

This model is a combination of quality and affordable price and will suit people weighing up to 90 kg who like soft mattresses. For body tone training, use the opportunity to alternate between the soft and hard side periodically!

The layers of wool and cotton on the surface will help ensure an optimal microclimate and ventilation.

List of mattress layers

- Sheep wool

- Latex layer Perfo 20 mm

- Independent springs Pocket 140 mm

- Coir of coconut fiber 20 mm

- Cotton

The price includes a mattress cover from group 2 fabric

Height 19 cm

The maximum permissible weigt for one bed place - up to 90 kg

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