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With a relatively small height, this mattress has got all the properties of KING series mattresses - orthopedic effect, strength and durability. A layer of coconut coir and horsehair creates a reliable support for the spine. The top layer of Green Line latex makes the mattress comfortable, prevents compression of blood vessels and relieves stress from joints. A layer of microperforated Ocean Blue Perfo latex with gel capsules provides it with a refreshing effect, making this model elastic. The Labyrinth layer ensures an air circulation system.

  • Convoluted Green latex layer 30 mm
  • Sisal (cactus) 30 mm
  • Labyrinth layer 30 mm
  • A mixture of coconut and horsehair 30 mm
  • Ocean Blue Perfo latex layer 40 mm
  • Linen
  • In this model, the cover is made of luxury fabric (Number 3).
  • Height 17 cm.

Permissible load for 1 sleeping space - up to 120 kg

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