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Firm King series mattress. Thanks to the proportional sisal fiber plates, proportionally alternating with Q-gel latex, the mattress has a firm but very flexible and precise body support ability. Natural Q-gel latex has all the excellent properties of latex, as well as excellent antibacterial properties thanks to the added copper particles. The construction of the mattress creates a dense and secure support system, with the help of which the spine and all muscles rest in the correct position. One side of the mattress is slightly softer than the other.

Mattress components:

- Sheep wool

- Q-gel latex 40 mm

- Sisal fiber 4 layers (1 layer - 20 mm)

- Q-gel Latex 4 layers (1 layer - 20 mm)

- Pressed cotton

The price includes an optional group 3 fabric.

Height 21 cm.

Permissible load for 1 bed - up to 170 kg

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