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The Hard Line Plus mattress is a worthy representative of the very firm mattress series. This model provides increased back support, minimal deformation under body weight, is resistant to higher loads and will be suitable for those who prefer very firm mattresses. Hard Line Plus is based on the Multipocket block of independent springs, which ensures perfect body weight distribution and orthopedic support. The hardness of the top layers is provided by a 3 cm layer of sisal fiber on one side and a 2 cm layer of coconut fiber on the other. Hemp fibers and pressed cotton top layers increase comfort and ensure perfect thermoregulation.

Hemp (hemp fiber) 10mm

Sisal fiber coir 30mm

Multipochet springs 140mm

Coconut fiber coir 20mm

Linen+coconut fiber 10mm

Cotton 7mm

Cover fabric category 2

Height 22cm

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