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Mattress Hard Line Monozone is a great representative of a series of solid mattresses. This model provides extra back support, is less affected by the body weight and is more resistant. The most comfortable, high-quality and optimal from the point of view of orthopedic properties is the Hard Line Monozone model based on mono zone springs of medium rigidity. They bend under the weight of the body independently of each other, avoiding the effect of a hammock and giving better support to different parts of the body. The hardness of this model is provided by layers of coconut coir and cactus coir. Winter / summer sides are complemented by layers of cotton and Hemp fibers.

The cover made of SILK fabric that contains silk threads makes the mattress more comfortable. The SILK fabric is soft and glossy, resulting in an exceptional luxury look.

  • Hemp (hemp fiber) 7mm
  • Sisal (cactus fiber) 30mm
  • Monozone pocket springs 140mm
  • Coconut slab 20mm
  • Linen + coconut 10mm
  • Cotton 7mm
  • Cover - SILK fabric
  • Height 22cm

Made in Latvia Handmade Ekologically pure

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