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Budget version of Orto Pluss Super mattress. The block of springs is reinforced with foamed polyurethane rows what allows to redistribute load and to lower pressure onto the springs. Thanks to slabs of coconut coir the mattress has higher springiness. Such construction contributes to durability and long term of service of the mattress. Batting serves as an insulating and warming material. It is recommended for people with big weight.

  • batting
  • Coconut slab 20mm
  • reinforced spring block Bonnel
  • Coconut slab 20mm
  • batting

In this model of mattresses the cover is made of fabric of “standart” (№1).

Height 17-18 cm

Working load limit for one sleeping accomodation - up to 120 kg

Made in Latvia Handmade Ekologically pure

gaisa caurlaidība  - air permeability

dabīgi materiāli   - natural materials

hipoalerģisks  - hypoallergenic

spring - spring

 maximum working load limit 120 kg - maximum working load limit 120 kg

firm mattress - firm mattress

 semi-firm mattress - semi-firm mattress

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