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Different in firmness sides are made of natural materials. All fillers have high degree of ventilation and durability. The soft side of the mattress made of perforated latex and sheep wool helps to relieve tiredness and tension in muscles and ensures healthy and comfortable sleep. The other side is made of coconut coir and cotton slab what makes the mattress firmer. The mattress has a “winter-summer” feature.

  • Sheep wool 
  • latex layer 20 mm
  • spring block Bonnel
  • latex layer 20 mm
  • Cotton

In this model of mattresses the cover is made of fabric of “standart” (№1).

Height 17-18 cm

Working load limit for one sleeping accomodation - up to 90 kg

Made in Latvia Handmade Ekologically pure

gaisa caurlaidība  - air permeability

dabīgi materiāli   - natural materials

hipoalerģisks  - hypoallergenic

Ziema-vasara  - Winter-summer

spring - spring

maximum working load limit 90 kg  - maximum working load limit 90 kg

sides of different firmness - sides of different firmness

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