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Double-sided 13 cm thick mattress for children from two years of age. The mattress consists of a combination of coconut coir and natural latex layer in equal proportions in staggered layers. "Honey Cake. Kids" is the perfect next step after the "Kosiņš" baby mattress. The 3 cm thick latex layer on the surface will ensure the ergonomic surface of the mattress and the correct distribution and cushioning of body weight. The 3 cm thick clatex layer will perform an additional cushioning function. Coir interlayers will provide secure and firm support. Cotton and wool layers will take care of an optimal microclimate.

When creating the order, it is possible to mark the desired fabric of the cover, add a ZIP closure around the perimeter for easy removal and donning of the cover, as well as add a waterproof or normal hygienic mattress topper that attaches to the mattress with the help of a zipper.

Mattress topper composition:

- Wool
- Perfo Latex layer -30 mm
- Coke fiber coir - 30 mm
- Perfo Latex layer -30 mm
- Coke fiber coir - 30 mm
- Cotton

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