Mini Pocket Diamond Blue


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Exclusive, hight comfort mattress from the OSSOV DIAMOND series.

The base of the mattress is formed by a double system of independent Minipocket springs. The double spring block of the orthopedic Minipocket stands out for its increased tension and in terms of sensations, it provides a special feeling of firmness, flexibility and springiness. When you relax on the mattress, you will feel pleasantly relaxing, but safe and firm support. Two sides of firmness give you the opportunity to choose the most suitable degree of firmness according to the season or bodily sensations.

We offer to enjoy the fantastic sensations of DIAMOND series mattresses in a model that is only 29 cm high!

Mattress composition:

- Sheep wool
- Ocean Blue Perfo Latex - 40 mm
- Block of independent springs Minipocket - 80 mm
- Reinforcing protective layer - thermo tube
- Block of independent springs Minipocket - 80 mm
- Coconut fiber coir 30 mm
- Perfo Latex 30 mm
- Cotton
The price includes a cover made of category 3 fabric
Height 29 cm.
Permissible load per bed - up to 140 kg

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