( 5 cm) Tatami. For a double bed.


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Attention! The price of the mattress cover is already indicated with a 20% discount, the prices of additional options are indicated with a 30% discount!

Tatami - new in the OSSOV collection.  Tatami - 6 cm thick 100% natural fiber mattress. Inspired by Japanese culture, we created a plant fiber mattress that is both firm and flexible enough to be stored and moved when rolled up. The mattress is filled with specially made coconut fiber coir Wave and dried sea grass on a jute base. We created Tatami for those customers who want to own a firm but at the same time rollable mattress / mattress topper.

Tatami can be used both as an independent mattress that can be placed on the floor, and as a mattress topper. When laid on the floor, Tatami will provide a little cushioning for the body, as the fiber weave is porous and springy enough to reduce the pressure of the body's weight on the surface and will act as an excellent heat insulator. When placed on top of the base mattress, Tatami will help strengthen the surface and distribute the weight more evenly. The layer of sea herbs on the surface provides a light massage effect, enriches the air with iodine ions, improves immunity, calms the nervous system and creates a pleasant biofield.

Mattress composition:

- Wool
- Seegrass on jute 20 mm
- Coconut fiber coir "Wave" 20 mm
- Cotton
- The price includes a cover from the 1st group fabric

The most important characteristics of Tatami:

Breathable - the highest level of air permeability
Mold resistant
Stimulating blood circulation
Calming spirit
Can be rolled up

Instructions for use

• Only one direction is always used for rolling - with the seaweed inwards!
• Do not break or squeeze the rolled mattress!
• Do not use the mattress topper on a very soft surface without a central support.
• For washing the cover, choose the "Delicate" washing mode! Do not exceed 30°C washing water temperature!
• Do not use an automatic dryer, let the cover dry naturally!
• Do not use laundry detergents containing bleaches for washing!

To try the mattress and make sure it is suitable for your needs, we invite you to visit one of our OSSOV stores in Riga. You will find us at Dzelzavas 51 or Jaunmoku 13 (T/C Spice Home, 2nd floor)!

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