( 5cm) - CLOUDY SLEEP. For a single bed.


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Attention! The price of the top mattress, as well as the price of additional options, are already indicated with a 30% discount!

Luxurious 5cm thick mattress topper for a double bed. Choose the size you need!

"Cloudy Sleep" is a super soft 5 cm thick, rollable latex mattress topper. The mattress topper is filled with the wonderful Softex latex, which stands out for its particularly soft and flexible structure. Sleeping on "Cloudy Sleep" is like sleeping in the clouds. The soft, even imperceptible touch hides a strong support power, taking care of the correct position of the spine during sleep. The mattress topper does not create back pressure, does not press blood vessels and removes the load on the joints, gently caring for the support of the body throughout the night. The thickness of the mattress topper allows the curves of the body to sink to the depth required for comfort, gently supporting the body in any sleeping position. Thanks to the antistatic properties and high self-ventilation properties of natural latex, dust mites do not develop in it, nor does it create an environment for the development of bacteria and fungi. Ecologically safe for long service life!

Included in the price, the 6th group cover fabric ROMANCE with microcapsules of natural essential aphrodisiac oils, awakens sensuality and gives wonderful dreams.

Mattress components:

- Softlex latex layer 50 mm

- The price includes a cover, group 6 fabric ROMANCE

Completing the mattress topper order, it is possible to choose the design and functionality of the mattress topper cover, add fastening rubbers, as well as choose the fabric for the cover. Feel free to write in the comments if you don't find the parameters you need in the options.

 The completed order will reach us and we will contact you shortly to fix the order and agree on payment and delivery!

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