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23 cm thick Nature Relax series mattress based on the Pocket block of independent springs. Green Clima Nature implements the ancient "Yin and Yang" concept. Two opposite sides form one whole. A heavenly soft bed on one side and a moderately firm support on the other. The natural materials forming the filling combined with the orthopedic spring block create a safe, comfortable environment for healthy sleep. The green latex with aloe extract will protect the bed from the spread of bacteria and other microorganisms, at the same time the antistatic properties of natural latex and sisal fiber will prevent the accumulation of dust in the mattress and significantly limit the spread of dust mites. The exclusive Clima Nature cover fabric takes care of a comfortable microenvironment at any time of the year. It warms you when it's cold and cools you when it's hot. Sweet dreams on Green Clima Nature!

Mattress composition:

- Green Line Clima Convulted Latex layer - 30 mm

- Block of independent Pocket springs - 140 mm

- Sisal fiber coir - 30 mm

- The price includes the 6th group cover fabric "Clima Nature"

Permissible weight per sleeping place - 90 kg
Attention! Ensure a rigid and level structure of the mattress support frame. A soft and/or uneven surface can contribute to the deformation of the mattress.

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