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Longmultipocket Gold Delux - exclusive Lux class mattress based on independent Longmultipocket springs. The mattress provides fantastic feelings of depth, stability and comfort. The closest association when sleeping on the Longmultipocket Gold Delux is a feeling close to weightlessness, when the body feels neither pressure nor discomfort, but is completely relaxed. Thanks to the high density and the small diameter of the springs, the mattress provides maximum support by literally merging with the human body. The height of the springs provides an additional kinetic feeling of "depth". The mattress combines sides of two degrees of hardness. The softer side is made of a 6 cm thick layer of perforated latex, while the stiffer side is made of a combination of coconut fiber and latex layers.

Mattress composition:

- Sheep wool
- Double latex Perfo layer 60 mm
- Independent Longmultipocket springs
- Coconut fiber coir 30 mm
- Latex Perfo layer 30 mm
- Pressed cotton
Category 3 fabric is included in the price!

Height 32 cm.
Maximum permissible load for 1 sleeping place - up to 140 kg

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