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The softest mattress in the King series. The model consists of alternating layers of latex and coir, where the latex layers are proportionally thicker than the coir layers. One side of the mattress is slightly softer than the other. The mattress will be perfect for those who feel comfortable on a firm, dense, but also flexible and anatomically comfortable mattress. The mattress will ensure proper body placement and weight distribution, and thanks to the rich layers of natural latex, it will provide pleasant anatomical comfort and allow blood circulation to circulate freely, maintaining a feeling of firm support.

  The price includes group 3 fabric.

Mattress components:

- Sheep wool

- Latex 6 layers (1 layer = 30 mm)

- Coconut 4 layers (1 layer = 20mm)

- Pressed cotton

Height 27 cm.

Permissible load for 1 bed - up to 170 kg

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