About Us

We are the most recognizable and reliable mattress manufacturers in Latvia with almost 20 years of experience.

SIA OSSOV company is active and specializes in the production of mattresses and mattress toppers. The goal of our company is to provide people with a healthy, safe and complete night peace so that the renewed forces at night help to realize the plans of the day! Striving to create the best, we are actively developing, introducing the latest technologies and using the most sustainable and safest fillers and finishing materials, as well as closely monitoring the quality of both our products and the raw materials we purchase.

Thanks to competitive prices and the high quality of our products, the company SIA OSSOV has rightly successfully occupied a stable leading position among mattress manufacturers in the Latvian market for many years. The recommendation to buy OSSOV mattresses often comes from family to family, passing it on to your children!

And we are very pleased about that! There is an opportunity to get acquainted with our products in person in three large specialized stores in Riga, where full-size samples of mattresses and mattress toppers are exhibited. Before buying a mattress, customers have the opportunity to get acquainted with the many options and variations, try and compare the features of different models, as well as receive recommendations from our consultants. We are sure that you will be able to find the most suitable mattress in our stores!

We know how important it is to choose the right mattress that suits the individual characteristics of each body, one that will provide comfort, provide the right support for the spine, and provide a relaxing and preventive effect. Our stores employ professional consultants who can help you make the right choice.

Ossov mattresses and mattress toppers are handmade. The basis of our factory is very high quality requirements for work and raw materials. Only high-quality, environmentally friendly and certified fillers and materials are used in the production of Ossov mattresses.

The wide range of mattress and mattress topper models makes it possible to find a suitable mattress according to the requirements and wishes of any customer. Both people with increased comfort requirements and people with allergies in all age groups will be able to find our model with us. In our assortment of mattresses you will also find models with increased allowable load. In turn, experienced masters and seamstresses will be able to make mattresses to individual order: non-standard sizes, various shapes, on a wooden frame, etc.

Thanks to the company's pricing policy, we have the opportunity to offer mattresses in different price groups. With us there is an opportunity to buy a good quality mattress also at the level of economy class prices!

SIA OSSOV has tested the constant quality over time.

Wishing you a healthy sleep!